In 6 weeks, let's make your higher self actually ACTUALIZE.

What you get... Precision CLARITY on who you are and your purpose, obliteration of what is blocking you, strategic and effective actualization action plan, 90 day follow up and badass tribe through FREE access to Hadassah Festival and Evolution Event for the Year.

Limited spots per year. Phone call application. Likely to get booked out for the year.

NY Special - First 3 clients %40 off. 

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You are here for impact and soul aligned legacy.


You don't have clarity on exactly what that looks like.

You don't know how to get there.

You have been soldiering alone.

You don't know exactly who you are destined to be.

Therefore you are not embodying that person.

You need a tribe and system you can trust,

Your sick of waiting and hoping.

You need to see actual tangible results.



So let's do it then?

Let's get these results

Let's get this clarity.

Let's get the tribe that lights your soul on fire.

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This is how we do it...

Book a call.

We vibe on call and check alignment.

Then booya, your in prep and we begin with...



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